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Schedule was simple. Work

door must meet certain standards,

established by the state. Schedule was simple.

Work from dawn to dusk, weekends and holidays.

In fact, the boss of the organization

apparently, was already in menopause, due

what have not changed frequently mood. And the evil that

not build up inside, she poured out on subordinates

Considering that it has no equal in the mind and intelligence, and all

remaining workers - and still stupid chicken.

The headmistress was slender dark-haired management

woman in her fifties. Just what she wanted to achieve from

its employees, sought power belonging to it

power of the executive. Tall (taller than one hundred and eighty

centimeters), hair dyed black,

piercing eyes and shout rude (often mat) - Sun

it intimidated workers so that they, as "donkeys"

dragged on themselves as much cargo as it was impossible to

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I continued to go to work, come

I thought - not so much I wanted to. " Of course, I

such a circumstance hooked and slightly offended. I

continued to go to work, come to terms with the idea that

'm not going anywhere, and the girls and boys who were

go to the baton, were at the peak of inspiration. They were going to

together, learned songs, painted posters. I was even

a little jealous - life boiled.

The day before the trip to our office and flew lawyer

said in my direction: "One man refused to go there

Frankly about childbirth

Life with a clean slate

place for you, be ready - go tomorrow. " It turns out

had to go man, the son of our colleague, who

was at that time a famous DJ on the radio that it was

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However, should

g of p and s o n t a l s n o f n l o w o n e t e R, n and k l o n s;

c and d a p t e n d s d s m.

Heartburn occurs more often in the second half of pregnancy, sometimes in the last months, and resolves after delivery. 6080 suffers from heartburn% of pregnant women.

Heartburn take means neutralizing the acidic environment, such as a solution of baking soda. However, should not be abused, as their systemic administration will inevitably lead to irritation of the stomach lining.

Food for heartburn

If a pregnant woman regularly suffers from prolonged heartburn, it is necessary to revise your diet. Should be excluded from it the following products:

s in th e w and x l e b and with d o b a;

k and c l e s o o l y t s;

- Fatty meats and fish;

- Ice cream;

According accept heartburn in women during pregnancy-a sure sign that the baby will be born with long hair on the head. Ironically, scientists confirmed this, explaining it as follows: hair growth affects the hormone estrogen. It also leads to the relaxation of the cardia of the stomach, because of what is happening throw gastric juice into the esophagus.

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I love to swim, at least

pregnant went to lunch at -. A - or

- we had a swim in the pool. I went to the pool

only twice, the first time the water was , the second . Later

girl told me that the water became colder and Sun

colder. It turned out that they broke the computer, which

adjusts the temperature of the pool water.

I love to swim, at least do it

unprofessional, and I know only a dog. But meters -

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Signs of preterm

Signs of preterm labor include:

s about to p and u e n i u t k and with h a s t o t o th 5 h and with and about l b e w;

in s e c tio n n e l o a d to Dubrovin and and s l o n o u t a n y t e d;

n p and n x h y s t s and l and about t h e n o s t s n and n a and n and p have to;

b about l in t h e n e h e m o n and y i s a n;

o s t r a i and l and d and l o m m e n and I used about l in f and t on e;

o s t r a i and l and n e m p e r s a n a i p t in about a;

n of th e t;

m o n o t o n n e s n o w n, and e b o l and with n and n e (n of I n and n e);

with o m e n o d and l n e a n and w ays h a s t and t s and a.

When these features (in various combinations), you must consult your doctor immediately.

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