Wiping pools

quickly and without my mother's help.

Wiping pools and ten training took

about ten minutes. Now with Mrs. James

Bira the same time check panties son

as they were still wet, and SOCA

Sit him to change into dry clothes to continue

live training. After the last training session

Mom asked Mickey, whether its dry panties. He

looked at her and nodded, saying, dry. "No, your labor

shiki wet "- calmly but firmly said mission

James system, taking his hand and placing it on a wet

cloth panties. Enumerating all the people from the list

authorities, she told the boy that they are not

love wet panties, but they like dry.

"Mickey's dad does not like wet panties. Your Underpants

ki wet? Touch it - she said, gently guiding

his hand to the spot on the linen. - Pope like dry rub

shiki, but not wet. " Then followed by a second pro

Verka. "Mickey's mom does not like wet panties.


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