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"So, we should

same obnoxious snoring. Quietly parted door

I saw that too, Olesya tossed from side to side and sighs.

"And your snores?" - I asked.

"Aha!" - Said Olesya.

"That came to stay! To listen to old ladies night "-

I said.

"So, we should do something like that they were together in one

room, and we're in another, "- said Olesya. In this and

decided to do.

I went to my room and lay down on the bed, began

loud coughing and blowing your nose to wake "snoring

Lady. " And Sun happened: she woke up and began to groan

toss and turn. At this point I from severe fatigue and

quickly fell asleep. Waking up in about three hours,

the first thing I heard from a neighbor: "Are you sick? You all

night cough. That you always like this? "

"Yes, I was a little unwell" - I replied.


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