Forgive her and volnyya

Prayer: "Lord, have mercy! God bless you! Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner! "

Prayer wife before the birth to the Lord Jesus Christ

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, born of the Father Son prevechnago first century, and in the last days, the favor and assistance of the Holy Spirit, izvolivy birth of the Most Holy Virgin byti Thou infant, povienu and position in a manger, Jesus himself, at the beginning of man and wife sotvorivy conjugating him, the commandment of giving them to grow and multiply and fill the earth, have mercy on Thy great mercy Thy servant (name) on the prepared Roditi thy commandments. Forgive her and volnyya nevolnyya sins, thy grace grant it the power safely from the burden of his razreshitisya, save this country and the baby in good health and blagomoschii, protect them and keep your angels from nepriyaznennago action crafty spirits, and of all things zlyya. Amen.


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