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And in the end? The whole

on sleeping pills. And in the end? The whole day

to pump breast milk and is drained away so as not to

cause harm to his son. Of course, become under such

rhythm more irritable and nervous, plus

hormonal changes .... Only now husband will not

understand why you're not as attentive to him,

not so much a smile as before, why

mad .... During this period, you should try to be as

calmly, that the house was not scandals

fights and insults. The main thing to know that no one but you

one does not feel postpartum weakness and

depression. Husband would be willing to live as before, not

realizing it, will continue to "just eat and

sleep in full ", because he will always have an excuse:

"I'm working" or "YOU - MOTHER, she wanted" ... Such

our share, girls ...


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