Breathe slowly

If you have mastered the previous exercise and are able to relax, even waiting for the bus at the bus stop, then you are already well prepared for the birth. The purpose of these studies is precisely to learn not to pay attention to the environment.

Exercises for active relaxation.

Try to relax the muscles, being in different positions - standing (straight or leaning against a wall or on the shoulder of his partner), sitting, half-sitting, standing on all fours, kneeling and putting your head and shoulders on the chair, squatting, lying on its side.

You will find that in each of these positions work specific muscle groups.

Exercises on a consistent release of tension.

Take a comfortable position. Breathe slowly and easily, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through your mouth. Pay attention to the right leg. Inspiratory get a feel for whether there is tension in the muscles of the right leg. On the exhale, relax all the muscles in the legs. If necessary, repeat these steps. During the next inspiration transfer attention to the muscles of the left leg.


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