I was nervous

window and not to the door. I did not know that the hospital glucose-

novocaine drip tied for four hours. Prior to this

another hospital e put on fifty - sixty minutes.

I have during pregnancy have a problem with

bladder m, I'm every hour or two ran in

small. I put "kapalku" and I watched P, S,

how it works. I was nervous a little bit, she worked

very slowly. But in my ward, just in case the door

was open, so I could call someone, if that.

In ten minutes came to the ward physician, ask your

Questions and walked away, then came the meds tus-trainee,

any muck dripped eyes and said in

fourteen hours DIDP t doctor will check your eyes. A

Then someone looked into the room and slammed the door. Through

half an hour, I realized that before the eyes of all image


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