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Smoking (even passive) leads to the rapid combustion of vitamin C in the body. Therefore pregnant should not be in a room where someone is smoking.

Signs of lack of vitamin C in the diet of pregnant are poor wound healing, dry and hair loss, lethargy, weakness, irritability and depression. May be pain in the joints. In addition, the slightest impact on the body bruises.

In hypovitaminosis vitamin C reduced immunity, the woman begins to get sick often with colds, the flu, it can worsen diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Despite the enormous benefits of ascorbic acid to the body, should not be involved in this vitamin, such as taking very high doses of ascorbic acid at the same time. It is known that in some cases, doctors do prescribe giperdozy vitamin C, for example for the treatment of respiratory illnesses, as well as fatigue and subcooled, often helps to prevent cold. However, the effect of vitamin the body in large doses are not fully known, so to such a method of treatment should be treated with caution, especially when pregnant. An overdose of vitamin C does not benefit the body. Thus, when large doses of ascorbic acid may develop diarrhea and allergies. Also the abuse ascorbic acid in the unborn child may be dependent on this vitamin, which will adversely affect his health.


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