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Loud and with expression

Loud and with expression start sing and dance around toddler .

More better , if ditty will friend and merry . example , " lived at

Grandma . " In the future baby will quieten and without dances , just from this songs .

Scratch my back . As cat .

z /

Show child one finger and , slowly raising his hand , start to wiggle all fingers . 's honest word , do not know , why this method works , but the child stops and meditatively watching for perturbation hands .

Mark on hands and go in guests to neighbors . Especially good running , if you lonely mom or you spent a couple a day . Perhaps , that you trivially child bored .

There are situations , when a kid broke to such degree , that cry goes in real tantrum . This already enough seriously , and to act must quickly and clearly . U Toddlers to year reaction excitation prevail over reactions braking , and in case of hysteria child already not can stop himself .


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