E was not minutes

apparatus. Conventional superabsorbent pads

useful later, and they sun- still not breathing, so

due to the large amount of moisture between the legs Sun refractive.

Sterile skid girl jokingly called

"With dlami" and himself a "rider."

Approached the fifth day, I waited with horror that

my baby will cut the navel, and that after this he

procedures when you can not cry, will cry and cry.

My expectations were not met, my son survived this

procedure "manly" without shouting and next s that I strongly

pleased, as if he knew that we should not worry about your

mother. The same day, a neighbor took the girl on a mini

surgery to remove kefalogematomy. E was not minutes

twenty. Nurse came and gave the girl with mom e

tight bandage on his head: "The girl can not cry and

worry. If we start t, soothing, let's breasts, etc. Well,

you're a mother, you decide what to do! If it does not, call someone


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