Three times was quite

Since the beginning of training an hour passed. Mickey finished

training with a doll. Three times was quite up to

sufficiently, the last time the baby is already partially

lost interest in it. After a workout, mom demand

The strength of the son, where he goes to do "wee." It's you

was calling an immediate response: the child went

a highchair, potty, removed her panties and sat down willingly,

but not urinated. Mom waited five minutes and then

asked him to stand up. Perhaps he learned to pin

rolirovat urination and wanted Popi

sat later, and maybe, just drink less liquid

STI than before. Next time during the inspection

mom decided to give the child peanuts and crisps

to make him thirsty.

As usual, within fifteen minutes accel

thief was about how great potty itself

autonomy of both will be happy and all family members when


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