- Hello! Yes, dear! Bring

All the feelings that I experienced then. Having read the poems,

She congratulated me warmly and told me to reply to

Up Cell. Of course, it's called Cyril, he had all

"Raised to the ears", where I was gone, because the toilet

ran my mom and girlfriend. Their views were similar to

views ochumevshih hedgehogs.

- Hello! Yes, dear! Bring champagne, here I

Girls read poetry!

That's it took my abduction, kidnapping

the bride.

A week after the wedding, my husband is flying in

plane on a honeymoon - to his homeland to

I understand better where he grew up, and who reared, and

I had to relax.

Eastern country, if someone is going to visit

Tashkent, do it! Do not be sorry. Not at all like

Russia. In the evening, the central city of Uzbekistan quite

empty, I do not understand the first time, where are the people? Such


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