Gill slits atrophied. I am very

Week 8. I grow very quickly. I have a face: the mouth and nose are well distinguished. Ears are also clearly visible. My body is formed - it has everything inside bodies, many of them are already working. Gill slits atrophied. I am very smart: my head is about equal to the length of my body. I already have a sense of balance: '13 A body length - 20-30 mm.

Week 9. I disappeared tail! I - apple, which ripens in my mother's tummy!

10th week. I have a language begins to develop inside of the ears. My skeletons became ossify in several places. The placenta begins to form, I bathe in the amniotic fluid - they say in the amniotic fluid.

Amniotic fluid - a very important fluid. It contains minerals, fat, protein, urea, sugars, hormones and vitamins.


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