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The kid should

emission. It's just a matter of time, which

ing will be decided by the growth and development of the child.

Lack of speech development

If your child has not been tested for the ability to

follow the instructions, may still untill his speech

sufficiently developed, and he does not understand simple words. If

it is a misunderstanding of the reason that

the child does not perform instruction, learn with him

the necessary words, without waiting until he is older.

The kid should know the words for place

(Here, there, up, down), body parts (arm, leg, stupas

nya, palm), pronouns (I, you, it), words that have

relation to the toilet (potty, diaper, panties, su

Khoi, wet). However, if your child is old enough

communicating with adults, then he is capable of learning

all these words. When will he know the meaning of all


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