I love to swim, at least

pregnant went to lunch at -. A - or

- we had a swim in the pool. I went to the pool

only twice, the first time the water was , the second . Later

girl told me that the water became colder and Sun

colder. It turned out that they broke the computer, which

adjusts the temperature of the pool water.

I love to swim, at least do it

unprofessional, and I know only a dog. But meters -

Swim, that's for sure. pool water was a blue

ebb and without sharp smell of chlorine. Dressing was

small but cozy, about twenty booths for

to be able to hang clothes, six long benches

two hairdryers hair and two doors behind which

shower and toilet. Specifically for sailing we acquired

rubber caps and disposable shales. I had

very strong desire to swim, but the water belly first

relaxing, and then hardened, causing an unpleasant feeling and


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