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g of p and s o n t a l s n o f n l o w o n e t e R, n and k l o n s;

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Heartburn occurs more often in the second half of pregnancy, sometimes in the last months, and resolves after delivery. 6080 suffers from heartburn% of pregnant women.

Heartburn take means neutralizing the acidic environment, such as a solution of baking soda. However, should not be abused, as their systemic administration will inevitably lead to irritation of the stomach lining.

Food for heartburn

If a pregnant woman regularly suffers from prolonged heartburn, it is necessary to revise your diet. Should be excluded from it the following products:

s in th e w and x l e b and with d o b a;

k and c l e s o o l y t s;

- Fatty meats and fish;

- Ice cream;

According accept heartburn in women during pregnancy-a sure sign that the baby will be born with long hair on the head. Ironically, scientists confirmed this, explaining it as follows: hair growth affects the hormone estrogen. It also leads to the relaxation of the cardia of the stomach, because of what is happening throw gastric juice into the esophagus.


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