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Do whatever you can to improve your mood after childbirth - do exercises, engaged in shaping, go with her husband to visit, movies.

Care of the umbilical wound

In the first days after birth, the umbilical cord stump usually swells and becomes gelatinous. Then begins to dry out, shrink and disappears after 1-2 weeks. To prevent infection and accelerate the drying of the umbilical cord stump, lubricate it with alcohol or other antiseptic recommended by your doctor, 3 times a day. When the umbilical cord stump disappear, can be seen in its place a few drops of blood - this is normal. Continue to lubricate the umbilical wound for several days.

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It is recommended

When dyskinesia of the gallbladder and biliary tract is recommended to eat more foods rich in fiber and magnesium salts: buckwheat, cabbage, carrots, apples.

It is recommended to eat a variety of vegetables and leafy greens. You can eat canned peas and sour kraut. Particularly useful are ripe tomatoes. Should be excluded from vegetables spinach, sorrel, radish, radishes, green onions and beans. Do not eat mushrooms. Must also be excluded from the diet any pickled, canned vegetables, eggs.

You can eat any fruit and berries, except acid (instead you can add a slice of lemon tea). Читать полностью -->

Before it is possible

Remember, the immunity of a pregnant woman greatly reduced, as the body expectant mother begins to work for two. However, chemicals may be used only in the third month of pregnancy and after consultation with the doctor who oversees the woman. Before it is possible to take the drug Immunal (Echinacea), figs, pineapple guava, dried fruits, walnuts.

Rights, guarantees and benefits for pregnant workers

Workers "in position" can count on:

n e r e a d o n a b o l e e l e r a p y w a b o r y (s a p r e u and e t i t y p e n p and n b e l and r o p r i m and n x s

F a c t o r and x: n and m p and m e r s t a g e i s t i m and and l and in in O il in I x of y h b l e n i);

with n and w n e n o r m s p o t a b c and and n o r m o b a l in f and a n;

y s t a n o l a n e n n e l o n o r o p a b o h e r o p e a m e n;

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Do not go far from

Approximately two weeks before the birth of the cervical mucus plug coming off, little colored blood. Do not worry - it should be. Your bra may appear spots - it drops of colostrum. Wear a bra cups special cotton pads. Baby's head is quite noticeably presses on the bladder, and more often than usual, you go to the toilet.

Get ready. You can give birth to any of the remaining four weeks. Читать полностью -->

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