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At this age in the first

With seven months in power introduced broth to 20-30 ml (in the absence of allergic reactions), bread (10 g).

From the eighth month of life of a premature baby diet supplement bread or savory biscuits. At this age in the first supply input vegetable soup, and then the meat broth (5 ml to 40-50 ml per day).

Third lure (yogurt) was administered at the age of 8-9 months, replacing breast milk or formula. Just one feeding during the day.

At artificial feeding all kinds of foods it is advisable to appoint 2 weeks earlier.

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I tried to ask nanny

I said - "Help me, please, Reb knock yells at

squeal, I do not know how to calm him down. " But the nurse pretended

did not hear me, standing me his huge back (of dark cha

approximately one hundred forty pounds weighed). She quickly wrapped

my baby in clean singing APIS, then turned and gave

it to me in a calm state. Then she took a neighbor

girl and also e perepelenala. I tried to ask

nanny esch time what to do if child cry knock, but the answer

not followed. It took a few minutes after she

gone, my son started to act up again and shout esch

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Figs with milk When

Cranberries with walnuts and honey

Mix equal parts of crushed walnuts, honey and cranberries. Take 1 teaspoon of 1 times a day before meals for 7-10 days.

Dandelion juice

Dandelion (flowers, stems, leaves) Wash, mince, squeeze the juice, dilute the nettle in the ratio of 1: 2. Take 0.5 cups 3 times a day. To prepare 1

Nettle teaspoon sugar and 1 cup of boiling water, leave for 30 minutes, drain.

Figs with milk

When anemia is useful to eat daily at 0,50,3 bunch of parsley. It can be used for a long time - a few weeks or even months.

4-5 figs cut into slices, pour 1 cup of milk. Take 0.5 cups 2-3 times a day.

Clover infusion

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- Hello! Yes, dear! Bring

All the feelings that I experienced then. Having read the poems,

She congratulated me warmly and told me to reply to

Up Cell. Of course, it's called Cyril, he had all

"Raised to the ears", where I was gone, because the toilet

ran my mom and girlfriend. Their views were similar to

views ochumevshih hedgehogs.

- Hello! Yes, dear! Bring champagne, here I

Girls read poetry!

That's it took my abduction, kidnapping

the bride.

A week after the wedding, my husband is flying in

plane on a honeymoon - to his homeland to

I understand better where he grew up, and who reared, and

I had to relax.

Eastern country, if someone is going to visit

Tashkent, do it! Do not be sorry. Not at all like

Russia. In the evening, the central city of Uzbekistan quite

empty, I do not understand the first time, where are the people? Such

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Three times was quite

Since the beginning of training an hour passed. Mickey finished

training with a doll. Three times was quite up to

sufficiently, the last time the baby is already partially

lost interest in it. After a workout, mom demand

The strength of the son, where he goes to do "wee." It's you

was calling an immediate response: the child went

a highchair, potty, removed her panties and sat down willingly,

but not urinated. Mom waited five minutes and then

asked him to stand up. Perhaps he learned to pin

rolirovat urination and wanted Popi

sat later, and maybe, just drink less liquid

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