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Such porridge cooked

a number of advantages compared to "home" porridge made from conventional grains. Such porridge cooked not only environmentally friendly products, but also provide a guaranteed number of essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, necessary for the digestion process. Baby cereals are recommended for the entire period of the child's transition to "adult" table.

Very important is the inclusion of a child's diet various dairy products with the addition of the normal microflora. Most often it is the different types of bifidobacteria and / or lactobacilli. Especially useful yogurt and fermented baked. Preference should be given a "living" products, that is, those who have a short shelf life, they do not contain preservatives.

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apparatus. Conventional superabsorbent pads

useful later, and they sun- still not breathing, so

due to the large amount of moisture between the legs Sun refractive.

Sterile skid girl jokingly called

"With dlami" and himself a "rider."

Approached the fifth day, I waited with horror that

my baby will cut the navel, and that after this he

procedures when you can not cry, will cry and cry.

My expectations were not met, my son survived this

procedure "manly" without shouting and next s that I strongly

pleased, as if he knew that we should not worry about your

mother. The same day, a neighbor took the girl on a mini

surgery to remove kefalogematomy. E was not minutes

twenty. Nurse came and gave the girl with mom e

tight bandage on his head: "The girl can not cry and

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Loud and with expression

Loud and with expression start sing and dance around toddler .

More better , if ditty will friend and merry . example , " lived at

Grandma . " In the future baby will quieten and without dances , just from this songs .

Scratch my back . As cat .

z /

Show child one finger and , slowly raising his hand , start to wiggle all fingers . 's honest word , do not know , why this method works , but the child stops and meditatively watching for perturbation hands .

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Despite the enormous

Smoking (even passive) leads to the rapid combustion of vitamin C in the body. Therefore pregnant should not be in a room where someone is smoking.

Signs of lack of vitamin C in the diet of pregnant are poor wound healing, dry and hair loss, lethargy, weakness, irritability and depression. May be pain in the joints. In addition, the slightest impact on the body bruises.

In hypovitaminosis vitamin C reduced immunity, the woman begins to get sick often with colds, the flu, it can worsen diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Despite the enormous benefits of ascorbic acid to the body, should not be involved in this vitamin, such as taking very high doses of ascorbic acid at the same time. It is known that in some cases, doctors do prescribe giperdozy vitamin C, for example for the treatment of respiratory illnesses, as well as fatigue and subcooled, often helps to prevent cold. However, the effect of vitamin the body in large doses are not fully known, so to such a method of treatment should be treated with caution, especially when pregnant. Читать полностью -->

Vitamin B12 is found

RDA for vitamin B12 for pregnant women is 5.4 mcg. For women who for any reason do not eat meat, for example vegetarians, the dose may be increased. Also you need to take it any more pregnant, who regularly suffer from diarrhea.

Vitamin B12 is found in meat, fish and seafood, dairy products. In foods of plant origin it is very small.

Foods rich in vitamin B12 is the most (vitamin B12 in mg%):

n e h e n s g to about I'll I s - 60.0;

n e h e n s with a and n and I - 30.0;

p on h and to g on in and I'll s - 25.0;

p on h and to C e and n s - 15,0;

with a b u m p and I - 12.0;

a and p and q, and n -, 11.0;

with e p e n d g to about I m e w - 10.0;

with e l s d s and m and l n t h e i s and I w and p n and I - 10.0;

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