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I was nervous

window and not to the door. I did not know that the hospital glucose-

novocaine drip tied for four hours. Prior to this

another hospital e put on fifty - sixty minutes.

I have during pregnancy have a problem with

bladder m, I'm every hour or two ran in

small. I put "kapalku" and I watched P, S,

how it works. I was nervous a little bit, she worked

very slowly. But in my ward, just in case the door

was open, so I could call someone, if that.

In ten minutes came to the ward physician, ask your

Questions and walked away, then came the meds tus-trainee,

any muck dripped eyes and said in

fourteen hours DIDP t doctor will check your eyes. Читать полностью -->

Breathe slowly

If you have mastered the previous exercise and are able to relax, even waiting for the bus at the bus stop, then you are already well prepared for the birth. The purpose of these studies is precisely to learn not to pay attention to the environment.

Exercises for active relaxation.

Try to relax the muscles, being in different positions - standing (straight or leaning against a wall or on the shoulder of his partner), sitting, half-sitting, standing on all fours, kneeling and putting your head and shoulders on the chair, squatting, lying on its side.

You will find that in each of these positions work specific muscle groups.

Exercises on a consistent release of tension.

Take a comfortable position. Breathe slowly and easily, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through your mouth. Pay attention to the right leg. Inspiratory get a feel for whether there is tension in the muscles of the right leg. On the exhale, relax all the muscles in the legs. Читать полностью -->

Boil chicken broth, add the grated

Beef tenderloin split an slices 1 cm thick shell out on lattice together with coarsely chopped sweet pepper. you preparing steaks in mode "Grill" in for 20-30 minutes.

Boil spaghetti, top sprinkle with grated cheese and watering ketchup.

Boil chicken broth, add the grated carrots, whole crude onion, rice, bay leaf, salt to. Get chicken soup. Boiled chicken are eating separately with buckwheat.

Ready stuffing mix with onions, smear a thick layer on slices of white bread on top several drops ketchup - and in oven for 15 min.

Bought puff pastry stuffed with or minced meat or chicken, or vegetables, or cheese, or jam and bet in oven for 20 minutes.

As all catch

. . . Читать полностью -->

All children should

It seems to me that this could adversely affect the

the child's mind, and I am very worried. He's such a

stubborn ... Is there a way to neutralize the latter

Corollary unsuccessful learning through your methods

huh? I do not know what else to do, because for

constant struggle and frustrating me endlessly


I recently gave birth

I recently became a mother and was very interested

to accustom the child to the pot. My baby IU

syatsa, and I think that soon I will have to face

with this problem.

What to choose: patience or self-sacrifice?

The above stories show

serious problems. All children should be able

independently use the potty. Still

there was no such method, which helped

. Читать полностью -->

Take air and sun baths. Just

Your room should be well ventilated. If possible, sleep with open windows, window, balcony door. Note - it is possible. If your windows are located on street gassy, then from this airing will do more harm.


Avoid stuffy unventilated rooms, especially if they smoky. The same applies to premises where there is a repair (there is also full of all household chemicals). At a gas cooker is also better not to linger for a long time - there are not only open fire and heat, but also less oxygen and more harmful smoke.

Take air and sun baths. Читать полностью -->

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