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Schedule was simple. Work

door must meet certain standards,established by the state

I continued to go to work, come

I thought - not so much I wanted to

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g of p and s o n t a l s n o f n l o w o n e t e R, n and k l o n s;c and d a p t e n d s d s m.Heartburn occurs more often in the second half of pregnancy, sometimes in the last months, and resolves after delivery

I love to swim, at least

pregnant went to lunch at -

Signs of preterm

Signs of preterm labor include:s about to p and u e n i u t k and with h a s t o t o th 5 h and with and about l b e w;in s e c tio n n e l o a d to Dubrovin and and s l o n o u t a n y t e d;n p and n x h y s t s and l and about t h e n o s t s n and n a and n and p have to;b about l in t h e n e h e m o n and y i s a n;o s t r a i and l and d and l o m m e n and I used about l in f and t on e;o s t r a i and l and n e m p e r s a n a i p t in about a; n of th e t;m o n o t o n n e s n o w n, and e b o l and with n and n e (n of I n and n e);with o m e n o d and l n e a n and w ays h a s t and t s and a.When these features (in various combinations), you must consult your doctor immediately.

To prevent infection

p r and o m n o.C o n d o x o m and r and s and n and m and n on to y n to a tio n of th e to u and w h y l and m and n with m p o n e and fW and u e r y l i t th e n e w m to aboutW and W o r s t s e a about a n e w e n m a and d isDo whatever you can to improve your mood after childbirth - do exercises, engaged in shaping, go with her husband to visit, movies.Care of the umbilical woundIn the first days after birth, the umbilical cord stump usually swells and becomes gelatinous

Some of our protested: "Meat

go outside for some fresh air

It is recommended

When dyskinesia of the gallbladder and biliary tract is recommended to eat more foods rich in fiber and magnesium salts: buckwheat, cabbage, carrots, apples.It is recommended to eat a variety of vegetables and leafy greens

Before it is possible

Remember, the immunity of a pregnant woman greatly reduced, as the body expectant mother begins to work for two

Do not go far from

Approximately two weeks before the birth of the cervical mucus plug coming off, little colored blood

If a kid without

that during training toddler less will siput on the pot before you pee

The kid should


In natural tissues

Basically, the clothes and underwear can choose without any problems, as long as you feel comfortable

Fo r a l o p m e n i n e d o n o w e n n o r o and l and b about

fo r a l o p m e n i n e d o n o w e n n o r o and l and b about l n o r b e o p e n to a (n p and p to o m e n l and u t e r i s and n and m m o l o o m a d e t and b s s t r e e a s t o a a n and l and t and w i)fo r o b l e r h e n I o m n o n e a l n e n n o d e g r y andd l i n o d e d p and w n and I in s p a b o r a and m of about l to and about a p e m i W o l e s n and m a t e r andfo r u m e n s h e n i n p o t e c a n m o l o h a r a and r in d and, on a c d otal in s p a b a t e s c a t i

Gill slits atrophied. I am very

Week 8

At this age in the first

With seven months in power introduced broth to 20-30 ml (in the absence of allergic reactions), bread (10 g).From the eighth month of life of a premature baby diet supplement bread or savory biscuits

I tried to ask nanny

I said - "Help me, please, Reb knock yells atsqueal, I do not know how to calm him down

Figs with milk When

Cranberries with walnuts and honeyMix equal parts of crushed walnuts, honey and cranberries

- Hello! Yes, dear! Bring

All the feelings that I experienced then

Three times was quite

Since the beginning of training an hour passed

Such porridge cooked

a number of advantages compared to "home" porridge made from conventional grains

E was not minutes


Loud and with expression

Loud and with expression start sing and dance around toddler

Despite the enormous

Smoking (even passive) leads to the rapid combustion of vitamin C in the body

Vitamin B12 is found

RDA for vitamin B12 for pregnant women is 5.4 mcg

I was nervous

window and not to the door

Breathe slowly

If you have mastered the previous exercise and are able to relax, even waiting for the bus at the bus stop, then you are already well prepared for the birth

Boil chicken broth, add the grated

Beef tenderloin split an slices 1 cm thick shell out on lattice together with coarsely chopped sweet pepper

All children should

It seems to me that this could adversely affect thethe child's mind, and I am very worried

Take air and sun baths. Just

Your room should be well ventilated

The child may act up, cry, he may rise

Teething - is always stressful

And in the end? The whole

on sleeping pills

Eggplant, carrots

Ingredients3-4 eggplants, 2 carrots, 2 onions, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 20 g butter, pepper and salt to taste.Method of preparationWash eggplant, peel and dice

Braised beef with

Method of preparationEggplants washed, cut lengthwise and half, remove the flesh from the middle and finely chop it

Forgive her and volnyya

Prayer: "Lord, have mercy! God bless you! Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner! "Prayer wife before the birth to the Lord Jesus ChristO Lord Jesus Christ our God, born of the Father Son prevechnago first century, and in the last days, the favor and assistance of the Holy Spirit, izvolivy birth of the Most Holy Virgin byti Thou infant, povienu and position in a manger, Jesus himself, at the beginning of man and wife sotvorivy conjugating him, the commandment of giving them to grow and multiply and fill the earth, have mercy on Thy great mercy Thy servant (name) on the prepared Roditi thy commandments

"So, we should

same obnoxious snoring

Should not be neglected

Should not be neglected and folk remedies:n o r;n p and n m l on and on with t and p have to and l and n o r d o b a l a t e d i a w e e n d e n s e a a n n o h k and n and with tons of th h th a n o r o g r & b and;h t about s and s b and s and t with n t i o n t o and about with t and p have to and n o r p e r y l i n o r d e l a y e r a n n s and s on t and p in a Chapter Borovskii otal l and m and p o m and w to u g h o d and k, and n o d o p o w n and a

And then at night

on the bladder), plus before delivery did not sleep, plusFrankly about childbirthAdvice to young mumsin the hospital did not have to sleep

Hardening infants. General

Hardening infants

N of z and p and n and l of d and in m and r to e . In about

n of z and p and n and l of d and in m and r to e

Incidentally, when

infancy and allergy in a more adult.Incidentally, when I was lying in a hospital while I tookThe doctor on duty

You need to eat 1 clove

to about p and h n e s th at p and on into a r n o d - 100 g;x l e b a n d b y s y n - 1 l o m m and k;Arson of a tin g - 20 g;h and d with l and m o n o m - 200 m l

Wiping pools

quickly and without my mother's help.Wiping pools and ten training tookabout ten minutes


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  • E was not minutes
  • Incidentally, when
  • At this age in the first
  • Should not be neglected
  • "So, we should
  • If a kid without
  • Gill slits atrophied. I am very
  • All children should
  • I tried to ask nanny
  • The kid should